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Response #1: A person i think has courage is my mom because no madder what the odds are she always pulls it off and she never gives up and once she is on a task she will finish it even if it wipes her out and she has to be in bed for a couple of days. Like when she is sick she is still always on task and working had even if it makes her sickness worst. But even when she doesn't know how to stop working and she told me that if you are fighting for something you love that you should never quit intell you won it all and to do it even if you are really sick and you lose a bunch of money.

My response #2:

Walking in some one else shoes is when you are just know a person by there reputation but you really don't know them in tell you have a chances to see in there spot and there place. Like at near from the end of the book when scout was walking on boo Radleys porch and saw what he saw like it was in his shoes she could see all the thing he saw during the years and how people just went by just living there life.

My response #3 "Simply because we were licked a hundred years before we started is no reason for us not to try to win,"

He means that when in the history of May comb that there are racist so even if there ancestors may have made this town but there is no reason that even there are so many people who hate blacks there is no reason that they shouldn't still try to win even if the odds are against them, because if a man is innocent they should try to win for justice and liberty so even when we lose the battle but we will win the war. And maybe a time in my life there i will have a experience to the saying like if i want to ask a really nice,beautiful girl out and if I keep trying and trying it might be like the quote Atticus said "Simply because we were licked a hundred years before we started is no reason for us not try to win.''