Reflection 2: Is that it sold over 20 million copies because, one it is about the old times back when and it tell how it is when the blacks were discriminated and not equal and it shows how school life and home life is very different and it show the children side of thing and how they fill about them self’s personal and how they thing how people are that ‘s only some of the reasons I thought of but that isn’t all of the stuff that happens and why people like this book.

This book really don’t relate to me because I really never experience stuff that they have but the only thing I do know is that how some kids fill and how they think of people for, example sometimes they would thing a caring person is a to bossy and treating them like a baby when there are worried about them that is the only thing that really relate to me with my life.

If I could rate this book if would be a 5 because that it seems a bit boring and that im more into fiction kid of stuff but maybe when I finish the book I will rate it higher or lower so it maybe cool or boring at the end so I might better read it all before I rate it.

reflection 3: Because it take maycomb one step further to do real justice and I really don't think that something positive but the only thing that it show scout how when someone doesn't do anything wrong and to show how the blacks are treated in the south and that thing would need to change. So sorry that's all i can think of.